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Our Lessons

High-quality piano lessons with a professional piano teacher.

My piano lessons in Swindon always aim to bring quality tuition at a reasonable price so that everyone who wishes to attend lessons can.

Lessons are flexible and can be booked in advance for 30 or 60 minutes slots. I also offer gift vouchers if you are looking to surprise a friend or family member who loves the piano or might be interested in starting.

The layout of our lessons will be different with each individual in order to give you the best learning experience. Depending on your entry level we will look at playing techniques, hand movements and co-ordinations to make you comfortable on the piano - ultimately learning through the songs and the style of music that you are passionate about. We will then start to look at the theory side of things, works on scales, octaves and notes will be provided so that you will become fluent when playing the piano.

If you have previously played the piano but have not played for a while I can certainly help you to make a smooth return to playing the piano. It is important to be in a pressure-free learning environment so you can learn in the way you are comfortable with and enjoy your experience of becoming a piano player. My dedicated teaching room will hopefully provide that space for you. For more information about my piano lessons simply get in touch by emailing

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