Recording and Rehearsal Studios in Swindon

Learn more about local recording and rehearsal studios.

Here at Piano Lessons Swindon, we would like to encourage our students to go further and push boundaries.

Recording studios are often a great way to express yourself and start to record your own music or use the rehearsal spaces to practice what you have learned during lesson time. Below you can read about some of Swindon's local recording and rehearsal studios and get an idea of locations and available services.

Gatehouse Studios

This is a top of the range recording studio based in Swindon. A few years back they re-located the studio to a 2-floor complex and they now boast 2 large rehearsal spaces as well as a smaller rehearsal studio. These rooms are fully equipped; Drums, PAs and microphones are all available for those who book the space. Gatehouse can also provide recording space with the latest software and hardware; services available in this studio include mixing and mastering as well as a studio engineer for your session. Gatehouse is about 23 minutes from Swindon's main train station using local buses and some walking. Bus numbers 24, 6 and 17 all have stops near the studio. If you are driving however access is much easier especially if you are situated in the Swindon area.

Drive Studios

Drive studios based in Swindon is run by a team of experienced sound engineers and producers led by Phil Legende. Since the original Drive Studios started in 1986, they have worked and recorded with many well known Artists including Swindon's own rock giants XTC, Norman Wisdom, John Otway and James Warren from the Corgis. They are known for working closely with artists and providing a good service for affordable prices. For more information, why not visit them at 58 Eastcott Hill, Swindon SN1 3JB.

Gatehouse Studios

Gatehouse studios offer professional recording, production, mixing, and mastering. From trying out new ideas to full production releases such as; Singles, E.P's and Albums. They offer state of the art equipment and music industry experience to get your recordings where they need to be. They also have have 3 fully equipped practice studios for different variations of bands. Studios come kitted with Drums & Hardware, PA, Mics, Stands, Leads, Bass and Guitar Combo Amps. You can find them at Unit 9, Ash, Swindon SN2 8UN.

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